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What Is TPE And Why We Use It?

What Is TPE And Why We Use It?

Most of today's eyewear uses the same materials and techniques for making eyewear that have been used for decades, with materials generally being ethier acetate or titanium. They do both have advantages and disadvantages however, acetate looks high-quality but is much heavier and compromises comfort while titanium is lightweight but only allows for thin frames that compromise on quality and use. With these limitations in place, what makes TPE materials stand out from these more traditional materials and how did we incorporate it into our eyewear? Read on, we are about to explain!

How did we incorporate TPE into our eyewear?

We began our process by looking towards the materials used in eyewear today that we feel is extremely important for the quality and wearing experience. So we began our research and we found that TPE Material not only meets our weight requirements, feeling more comfortable, safer and more durable while wearing. After many hours of development with the TPE material led us to featuring it as technology in our eyewear and we released our first Sports Sunglasses that feature it as core technology.

What makes TPE eyewear stand above others?

TPE Materials allow for a less compromised experience when compared to more traditional materials that makes them both ultra-lightweight and durable at the same time. This gives TPE the advantage of feeling more comfortable and safer to wear during high energy activities like rock climbing and sports like cycling. TPE has the advantage of being flexible plus non-breakable and also benefits from being eco-friendly and sustainable, more details about these advantages to come.ย 

Our Sports Sunglasses Looptics Active and Looptics Swift benefit greatly from this innovative material, our first eyewear to unlock the potential of this core technology. Check the TPE Materials in our Sports Sunglasses for yourself and experience what a next level lightweight experience without any compromises really feels like.