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What Is The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Eyewear?

What Is The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Eyewear?

You just bought a perfect pair of glasses and you are looking to make sure they are your “keepers pair” for the long term, you might be asking yourself “what do I do to keep them in good condition?''. As experts in the eyewear industry we can give you some valuable advice on how to properly take care of your eyewear the right way to make them last:

How To Prevent Scratches
We always advise you to keep your eyewear in its protective case whenever you are not wearing them. This simple yet effective trick is already enough to prevent most scratches to the frames or lenses. If you consider how exposed your glasses are if simply left on a desk with no protection then it’s easy to understand why. When you use a hard protective case, you put a shell over all of the potential ways these scratches could come, so it is a must to store your sunglasses if you don’t plan to use them for a long period of time.

How To Clean Properly
Eyewear can get dirty very fast, not only is it exposed to all the dirt and dust in the air but it can also pick up grease and sweat from our faces very quickly. We suggest that you always use a small amount of soap and warm water to rinse the glasses and use a microfiber cleaning cloth once dry, after this any dirt or smudges should be gone. It is also important to advise that you are careful around sand and seawater too, as these can cause major damage to your eyewear.

How To Maintain Structure Strength
Over time eyewear frames can become weaker if they are not treated properly and the screws holding the glasses together can become loose and the nose pad can become damaged if not worn correctly. We understand that wearing your designer sunglasses on top of your head might look cool, but we advise against this because of the long-term damage this can cause, we also suggest always handling them with care by not stretching or bending their arms too. And one last piece of advice would be to use a protective case when not wearing much for the same reason to avoid scratches, if they are well protected in a case then it is less likely they will be damaged.

How To Avoid Distortion
Distortion of eyewear can be a big issue as it affects the shape and fit of the frames on your face. The biggest tip we can provide would be to not neglect your glasses and they should never ever be left in the car during the day, especially on a hot sunny day. If left in a car for too long under those conditions, it exposes the sunglasses to excessive heat, this is the main cause for distortion to frames in eyewear.

Time To Enjoy Your Glasses
Now that we have given you advice on the best ways to look after your glasses to make them last longer. Our Looptics Swift and Active Sunglasses are made from special materials that can help to protect against most of these common issues. The frames are TPE Material that allows them to bend more than normal frames without breaking thanks to it being soft and flexible. It also has an anti-sweat and anti-scratch coating to protect it against the elements. Whether you're the type of person who goes to the beach to relax or plays water sports with your friends, the Looptics Swift, and Active Sunglasses are the right pair for you.