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What Are The Things To Look For In Sports Sunglasses?

What Are The Things To Look For In Sports Sunglasses?

So you are a big sports fan, you are a very active person who enjoys lots of sports and activities. You are looking for some eyewear that would be more suitable for your action packed lifestyle but you are not sure would be the best sports eyewear for you. 

There are a number of things to look out for with sports sunglasses to know if you are picking the right pair, suitable for the activities that you plan to use them for. We will focus on the important things to look out for, so you know they are best suited for your high energy schedule.

The Frames Around Your Face

We highly recommend frames that are made from materials that allow frames to provide a lightweight experience so you are not weighed down during sports and other outdoor activities, for example track running can have rapid movements allow the frames to stay in place while traditional eyewear would typically feel unstable on the face. It is also important for frames to be protected from water, sweat and other harmful elements that shorten the life of the frames for example, while cycling you are less likely to be able to take care of your eyewear while wearing them and requires extra protection.

Looptics sports sunglasses frames feature Comfortable Thermoplastic Elastomer materials that are super lightweight for you to enjoy during outdoor activities. They also include a special coating for water and sweat protection, you will almost forget you are wearing them. 

The Lenses In Front Of Your Eyes

We would always advise a good coating for anti-scratch protection to withstand potential damage from the outdoor elements. Also for UV protection for eye protection from the sunlight while you are outdoors, especially during bright and sunny days. 

Looptics sport sunglasses include Glare Reducing and Polarized lenses to give you insurance that you will have well protected eyes, thanks to our awesome UV 400 Protection Rating: 100% UVA/UVB. They also have a protective layer to ensure the lenses are more resilient to the outdoors.

Looptics Are Ready For The Great Outdoors

Sports glasses serve an important purpose in protecting your eyes while withstanding additional wear and tear caused by wearing them during physical activities and also by being lightweight for easier mobility. Over at Looptics, our Active and Swift Sports Sunglasses have innovated their ways to stand above the competition.

Looptics Swift and Active Sports Sunglasses are built to make your active lifestyle go further and further, the only limits are from yourself. Find out more information about both of them by visiting their product pages.