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This is Our Story!

This is Our Story!

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Looptics, a group of professionals with years of experience in the eyewear industry. We have come together to start a new journey to try something new and make an impact!


Our Background

Our brand starts with a group of experts from the innovative eyewear manufacturing company Livho. After many years in the eyewear industry, we decided that we wanted their experience and expertise to create something fresh and new. With our dream and confidence in ourselves, we decided to take the leap and start our own independent brand focusing on our values of expiration and evolution. While we were working on our brand, we decided to name ourselves Looptics because we believe in the infinite opportunities in the eyewear industry. We are a novel brand aiming to inspire users who love novel products. 

Our Purpose

As young entrepreneurs, we have the passion, ambition and dreams in the eyewear industry to create something that can have a true impact on the way people think about glasses. So with this idea in mind, we realized the importance of not only protecting people's eyes from harmful lights but also promoting the importance of visual health and changing people's perception of eyewear in a more youthful way. We design and craft passion into our glasses, with a dramatic approach for premium quality at affordable prices.

Our Vision

With our prior experience in the industry, we believe that there is much more that can be done and much more we can offer. We don't just want to follow the trends, we want to make the trends so that we can inspire the people who inspired us into following our path and our passion. We are trying out new possibilities to expand our world by challenging ourselves to discover “a better way” to change the way we think about eyewear. We aim to design our eyewear with core principles in mind. First, we want to make sure that the eyewear is comfortable, second, we want to be sure that it effectively protects our eyes while boosting our performance and finally we want our eyewear to be strong, sturdy, and reliable in all situations.

Our Mission

We want to deliver eyewear with a unique, fresh, and active approach that fits people's needs, to try out and implement new possibilities and step out of our comfort zone. We also want to inspire those who motivate us to excel past roadblocks with our spirit and abilities to explore and experiment with new ideas. Looptics aims to make premium quality eyewear available for people who admire innovation and with our focus on quality and innovation, we aim to inspire those who inspire us.

Join Us On Our Journey

The world is vast and full of challenges. After many years in the eyewear industry, we are stepping out of our comfort zone to rethink the way we believe glasses should appear.